University of Bayreuth booth at 8. AM-Forum 2024 in Berlin

At the recent AMF (Additive Manufacturing Forum) in Berlin on 20-21 March, UBT had the privilege of showcasing a development from WP3 within the HECATE project. Our spotlight was on a specialized component tailored for aerospace applications, underscoring the potential of additive manufacturing through a polymer powder process.

This innovative component serves as an alternative to conventional sheet metal parts utilized as circuit board housings in aircraft. Crafted with a distinctive lattice structure, it strikes an optimal balance between stiffness and weight efficiency. Consisting of a main body and a lid, the design ingeniously integrates features to securely hold the circuit board in place.

Among the 75 distinguished companies participating, we seized the opportunity to exhibit alongside them, attracting a crowd of 650 eager visitors. Our presence at the AMF reaffirmed our commitment to pioneering advancements in additive manufacturing, particularly in the area of aerospace technology.

Picture: University of Bayreuth