Article in Applied Sciences of UGR

An article from HECATE (partner Universidad de Granada – UGR) on “A Subcell Finite-Difference Time-Domain Implementation for Narrow Slots on Conductive Panels” has been published in Applied Sciences open-access August 2023 issue.

Efficiently modeling thin features using the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method involves a considerable reduction in the spatial mesh size. However, in real-world scenarios, such reductions can lead to unaffordable memory and CPU requirements. In this manuscript, UGR presents two stable and efficient techniques in FDTD to handle narrow apertures on conductive thin panels. One technique employs conformal methods, while the other utilizes subgridding methods. UGR validates their performance compared to the classical Gilbert-Holland model and present experimental results in reverberation environments to shed light on these models’ actual confidence margins in real electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) scenarios. Link to the publication: LINK.

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