HECATE first interim review

HECATE 6-month review meeting took place successfully on the 11th of September 2023.

Organized as an on-line meeting with CAJU Project Officer and HECATE Project Management Committee, the following aspects were analyzed in detail:

  • Technical progress of the work under HECATE project and completeness of contractual deliverables and milestones in line with CAJU broader objectives
  • Status of effort and cost versus contractual baselines
  • Risks State of Play and project risk status
  • Assessment of the project roadmap, demonstration plan, TRL evolution and contribution towards CAJU environmental targets and objectives

The review was concluded successfully. HECATE technical development progress at a good pace, in line with the budget without any new risk envisioned.


Next review is organized after the first year of HECATE, in early 2024.